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Races of the Starfalldown by faction

Consortium Races

  • The Noro
  • The Wolfen
  • The Catyr
  • The Monro
  • The Shing
  • The Oni
  • The Uteni

The United Words of Warlock Races

  • The Star Elves
  • Guild Dwarves
  • Star Minotaurs
  • Ratinoids
  • Star Hunters
  • The Silhouette

The Transgalactic Empire Races

  • The Trensik
  • The Seljuk
  • The TsongKuba

Golgan Republic Races

  • The Golgans
  • The Mariman
  • The Qujamoya
  • The Bugatin
  • The Ultovians
  • The Wetu

Native rifts Dbees/Races

  • Coalition Human
  • Preserves Human (commanche/ Arapaho / Appaloosa tribes)
  • Natives Traditionalist
  • PsiStalkers
  • Simvan
  • Dogboys/battlecats
  • Lynn Srial
  • Fennodi
  • Lost Ones
  • Mutant Settler
  • Tokanni
  • GrackleTooth
  • Vanguard Brawler
  • Kremin Cyborg

OCCs Avaialble: Any Mainbook OCC. Fusionist is open to any SDC race with magical ability.
Most generic Occs.
Magic OCCs: On a case by Case Basis
Or Play the following Town Specific Occs:

TechnoSmithy OCc
Astropath Navigator OCC
Guild Master OCC
Tech Nuke
D shifter
Aspect Warrior
Wraith Singer
Storm Trooper
Xeno Medic
Warp Strider
Pride Noble
Collection Agent
Consular Diplomat
Starfall Settler
Scrap Rat

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